Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plea for Help

I need to come up with money to help my sister and her 3 boys move down here from Michigan. The situation is dire and the time is now. I've got enough to get her here, so now I'm just going to fundraise to come up with enough to put her and the boys in a little house/apt. Once here, they will have a place to stay but it will only work for a few days at best.

They have literally nothing. No furniture, no credit, no money. So if there's any way any of you can help, i.e. buy some jewelry, say some prayers, knowledge of a cheap rental, tweeting or FBing this chip-in, anything will help. Anything.

The Chip-In I've set up for them is here. You can also see it on the right hand side of the blog page --->

And thank you so much just for reading this.