Friday, July 29, 2011

Gimpy Update: Day 7

Gimpy had his vet check-up today. I'd been thinking his foot and leg were looking a tiny bit better and so I was so hopeful walking in. The vet says I've done a fantastic job with his wound care and that the rest of his leg looks miles better but that his toes have gotten worse. The blood is just pooling there and not flowing back up and that we will have to amputate. I asked him to please give me a bit more time working with his leg and to see if I can save it.

The vet says that the only thing that will save his leg now are prayers and a medical miracle. But miracles happen every day, right? I've read horror stories about high-altitude mountain climbers who got frostbite so severe they'd need to amputate who miraculously recover and are able to keep their fingers and toes so I'm still hopeful. And I'm still trying with the water treatments, the meds, and the physical therapy. Say a prayer for little Gimpy if you can!

Amputation isn't cheap and the cost of it scares me. If you see some jewelry in my shop, all the proceeds will go towards the Gimp's vet bill and I'd be SO appreciative! And thank you to all of you who have helped get the word out about Gimpy and who have already donated. If you've got a blog, or twitter, or facebook, would you consider helping me pimp my shop? Thank you so much, all of you, for your love and support.

And here's a picture of little Gimp playing King of the Box with my Pretty Boy this morning:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gimpy: Days 3 & 4

The antibiotics are bothering his poor little tummy but he's using his own personal litter box now (thank god!). Cleaning up diarrhea at 5 am isn't fun, in case you were wondering.

My other cats seem to have adjusted to having the Gimp in the house and all I can say is wow, that was fast. Weezy, the 12 year old cat, is pretty indifferent to everything but I was worried about Pretty Boy, my fluffy white male cat who is actually a small bear. He's 15 pounds of male feline-ness and I thought for sure he'd have something to prove or possibly that he'd be offended that I brought another boy into the house (an unfixed one at the moment, too!) but all he seems to want to do is sniff Gimpy's butt on his way into another room. Sniffing butts = success in my book.

The dog (who we also rescued from certain death last year) is convinced that the new cat is going to be her newest playmate. I kinda hope so since the other two cats think the dog is an idiot and stick their noses up at her. (I think the dog is an idiot, too, but don't tell her!)

Gimphy's water treatments are still going pretty well, though it's hard work. Think cats and water and you get the idea. Add in an awful wound and you'll have a better idea. But the Gimp's so sweet and loving that he only needs one person to hold him during the treatments, as long as that person is petting him.

Thank you so, so much to all of you who have helped by donating or by keeping him in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers, or by helping to spread the word. It means the world to me, truly, and I am SO overwhelmed with your kindness and generosity. As I told one donor this morning, it's people like all of you who make it possible for my heart to be this big. And also for me to buy more first aid supplies today and to schedule his check-up on Friday.

Here's the Gimp today, lounging in the windowsill and almost asleep.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Little Gimpy- Day 3

Thursday night had us at the emergency vet where they removed the rope (thank god), cleaned the wound, and bandaged him.

Friday morning had us at the normal vet for a check-up, bandage changing, and test to see if we will have to amputate. His prognosis for keeping the leg is poor, less than 50% chance. I have a whole list of steps and medications and I have to do water therapy on the wound with a water pik twice a day for the next 7 days until his checkup, and possibly for another month after that. They say if anything can save his leg it's the water treatment. So I AM hopeful and won't give up!

Cross your fingers for the little Gimp-ster that he can keep his leg!
Also, the vet bills are piling up. I'm running a Christmas in July sale in my shop and all jewelry sales will go towards Gimpy's vet bills and his care. If you can help in any way, it will be a lifesaver. Literally.

I will update more later but for now, Gimpy says good morning from my husband's big, comfy chair!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Meet Gimpy: The Tortured Stray Cat I Have Adopted

a small cat showed up here a few days ago. one of the neighbors left him behind when they moved out. as if that's not bad enough, someone tied a fucking rope to his hind leg and it's so swollen and raw. my husband and i tried to cut it off yesterday but it was so swollen we couldn't, and the poor cat bit me while we were trying. so i had to take him to the vet last night.

he's so obviously someone's abandoned pet and not feral because he's so starved for human affection that he just meows at us constantly and when we go outside to feed him he limps over and rubs all over us. he's adopted us, the poor, sweet little guy.

but i have NO money for the vet, so i'm scrambling. if you see something you want in my shop, it will go towards the vet bill and will make Gimpy very happy. I have added the Donate button to the right side bar titled The Gimpy Fund.

here's Gimpy. you can see the rope tied around his hind leg.

Here is Gimpy after the emergency night-time vet removed the rope and bandaged him up:

He's the sweetest little guy and I am so heartbroken that someone would do this to a poor, defenseless creature!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fresh and Undiscovered: Jennova from Hikisquid Designs

I'd like to introduce you guys to Jenn, a Michiganite who crafts the cutest animals! You know I had to feature her when I saw she had whales AND octopi! Her Etsy shop is here!

Tell us about YOU, the person behind the shop:
Well, I'm married to an awesome husband that lets me stay at home and sew things, I own a paralyzed bearded dragon named Ryuu, and I'm currently obsessed with axolotls. I draw too, but I don't show that off to people as much as my sewing. 

What do you make?
Plushies and soft sculptures mostly. Axolotls, dragons, stingrays, unicorns, lots of things. 

Where do you get ideas?
Mostly video games, random suggestions, and late night animal searches online. Once I asked for ideas, and that's when I came up with most of my current patterns, there were so many good suggestions from my friends. 

When and how did you get started?
I got my name from interrupting my brother's chat with a friend online, and having the attention span of a squid. I crocheted and hand-sewed plushies until my doctor told me to stop, then my grandma gave me a sewing machine and I started sewing plushies and fancy soft sculptures.

What do you do in your free time?
Play video games, sleep, eat, spend time with my husband, take care of house-related stuff, and play on the computer. Most of my day is spent either sewing or on the internet. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Things I'm Currently Lusting After

Though lust may be a strong word for something that kind of freaks me out.
But I want it anyway. All of it.

Super Mario Bros rebooted (and I'm patiently waiting for Yoshi):

All images are the property & copyright © Sal aka 'thedarkcloak' 2010

Want to see more? You know you do! 
Visit Sal's (thedarkcloak) website here.
Wanna shop? Do it here!

Fresh and Undiscovered: 4 Ewe Designs

4 Ewe Designs is Rachel, a talented artist living in my sister city- she's in Melbourne, Australia and I'm in Melbourne, USA! She does some selling in a local gallery so if any of you lovely readers are in Melbourne (the Australian one) go check out the Fitzroy InCube8r store!

In the meantime, here are some juicy tidbits about Racel and 4 Ewe Designs!

 1. Who are you?
An American girl living in Australia.I am Rachel Buse, and my Etsy shop is 4 Ewe Designs. It is kind of a dream to be here in the land of cute and unusual animals. I refuse to grow up, even if I have some gray hairs. I love Hello Kitty, and all animals and cute things.  I live with my husband, two rabbits, and a cat. I am addicted to coffee.

2. What do you do?
I am a ceramic sculptor by day. I create "Living Vessels", teapots and pitcher and jugs that look alive. I am just starting doing that professionally though, we will see how it goes.
In my free time and at night I sew. I am fidgety, so I always need to be doing something. I sew cute things out of recycled wool sweater felt. Soft toys are my obsession right now, but I also make flower pins, jewelry, and bags. I will make the occasional hat or scarf, but I don't find them as needed here in Aussieland. It is a bit warmer here than my previous home of  Michigan. I am working hard to make a living from my art.

3. How did you get started? 
My dad was a photographer, and an engineer and painted too. He really encouraged my brother and I to be creative. He made a lot of the toys we played with as kids. I just grew up with the mind set of " if you want it, make it yourself". So I have been making things like jewelry and paintings and clothes for Barbie's or for myself for Halloween my whole life. As a result both my brother and I are artists.

4. Where else can we find you online?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Feature: Meet 42Things!

Thanks for stopping by!
Today I'd like to introduce you to Jo from 42Things!

Where did you get the idea to use recycled items to create your designs? 
       I've just always had a sense of things being wasted and wanting to save them.

What has been your favorite find that you've used in your creations? 
Wrapping paper, people use it, and save it or throw it away not knowing what to do with it... but the patterns and colours are so amazing!

Where do you get your inspiration? 
... many places, my kids my husband, the items that need rescuing.

Tell me a little bit about your creative process... 
Well, I don't think I'm that creative, but the ideas just come to me as long as I'm open to creating. Each thing wants to be used... wants to be made into pretty stuff, fun stuff.

Can we find you anywhere else? 
Facebook fan page

Artfire Shop



Things I'm Currently Lusting After

Things in shades of RED!

natural eyeshadows from noellabeautyworks

vintage 80s dress from RustBeltThreads

bloomers from undertheroot

recycled wood sign by williamdohman

striped skirt by kimmi