Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Great Spring Earring Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love a giveaway? I mean honestly, free stuff is awesome! Winning is awesome! Earrings are awesome! So here’s your chance to win a pair of earrings handmade by me while helping me get the word out about my new Etsy shop and my new love of art and jewelry crafting!

The giveaway starts right now and ends in exactly two weeks, on Saturday, March 13th. This gives you plenty of time to enter as many times as you can or want and plenty of time to get the word out to all your friends! The winner of this giveaway will have their choice of a pair of earrings from my sale category. There are new pieces added to this category all the time!

Buy it:
To buy a pair of earrings rather than wait the two weeks to see if you won, visit my Etsy shop.

Win it:

1. To enter giveaway (mandatory)
Become a follower of my waterwaif blog (must be following publicly) AND visit my Etsy shop.
Leave me a comment telling me that you are following this blog and what your favorite item from my shop is. Please leave contact info as well so I can notify you if you win! (1 entry)

BONUS ENTRIES (each entry comment must be entered separately to be a valid entry):
2. Subscribe to my blog by email and tell me about it here. (1 entry)
3. Follow me on Twitter and tell me about it here. (1 entry)
4. Become a fan of waterwaif on Facebook and tell me about it here. (1 entry)
5. Blog about this giveaway linking it back to my blog. Leave a comment here with a link to your blog. (2 entries)
6. Tweet or retweet about this giveaway and leave a comment here about it. Max 1 RT per hour. (1 entry)
7. Post a link to my Etsy shop on your blog and tell me about it here. (2 entries)
8. Post a link to my Etsy shop on your facebook page and tell me about it here. (2 entries)
9. Tweet your favorite item in my Etsy shop with a link to it and tell me about it here. (1 entry)
10. Feature me and my Etsy shop on your blog and link to it here. (5 entries)
11. Buy an item from my Etsy shop and post the transaction number here. (10 entries)

Giveaway ends on Saturday, March 13 at 11:59 pm Eastern time (late entries will not be accepted). Winner will be notified by e-mail and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.

*Remember to please leave your e-mail address with each entry so I can contact you if you win.

Good luck and thank you!

Saturday Blog Shopper Specials

Mention that you are a Saturday Blog Shopper and ALL jewelry ships FREE to you!

I was invited this week to take part in an Etsy group called Saturday Blog Shoppers. Of course I said yes and was super excited to do so! What a wonderful network of talented sellers. Make sure you check them out, too. There is a list of Saturday Blog Shoppers here. Please make sure you tell them waterwaif sent you!

Today for sale I have many pairs of earrings and one to fit every budget! I'd like to feature two pairs, though. They are both similar in color, both of them showcasing aqua and pink which I think look fabulous together!

This first is pink AB crystal and apatite.  AB crystal is so named because it shines like Aurora Borealis! You can find these earrings here in my Etsy shop.

The second pair I'd like to feature are these aqua chalcedony and pink tourmaline chandelier earrings. Tourmaline is a beautiful, rare, natural stone and I just love working with it (and wearing it!) You can find these earrings here in my Etsy shop.

Leave me a quick comment, if you would, to let me know what you think of these earrings or my shop. I'd love to hear from you!

Become a fan on facebook to learn about exclusive sales, updates, and discounts!

Also, please take a moment to follow the link and visit the other Saturday Blog Shoppers. You'll be sure to find some amazing deals and sellers!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Coming Soon (to be posted tonight!)

Coming soon - giving away a pair of earrings to a lucky blog follower! All details will be put up this evening so get ready!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Shout Out for the Background

I'd like to give a shout out to Staci at Simply Chic Blogs for creating some pretty backgrounds to use for blogging. Check Staci out when you have a sec or if you need something cool to spice up your blog a bit.

I have not updated in a while!

But will soon! I've been very busy making and selling jewelry and paintings. My etsy store has had 8 sales already!

Here you can see some of my new creations and listings!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I had my first sale last week

And I can't even begin to describe the completely awesome, totally amazing feeling that was. But I guess I don't need to describe it, do I? Most of you following me are crafters and artists yourselves so you KNOW how amazing it is!

This is the painting I sold. I sold it locally for cash so no Etsy/Ebay/Paypal fees. Woot!

I've also had quite a few inquiries into the painting after it sold and have had a couple requests to paint more. I should be doing that instead of blogging, eh?

And just because I can...

And because I think the thumbnail gallery looks cool: these are the paintings I have listed for sale at the moment.

The Beginning of the Painting Journey

I finally opened my Etsy store last week. You can find it here:

Just before the holidays last year, so November 2009-ish, I knew that I had to make some changes in my life. Being a stay-at-home mom isn't easy but sometimes I think it's harder when the kids are actually at school and not at home with you anymore! I faced endless days of putting them on the school bus and coming home to look around at the messes generated every day and having no heart or motivation to clean up or do anything. It's more than just being a terrible housekeeper (which I am). It's more than just having nothing to fill your days. It's having nothing to fill your life, outside your family. I'm 33. What do I want to do with my life?

That led me to where I am now. I looked deep inside the cobwebbed corners of my brain and the answer was: "I want to be an artsy fartsy type who can create anything and inspire people with it." So I went to Joann's and bought some paint and some canvases. Came home. Threw the paint on the first canvas and actually created a tree.

I knew the tree wasn't that good as far as paintings go but man, I had fun doing it and it was MINE. It was ART that I created. I immediately got another little canvas panel and painted this:

And that was even more fun! And it was just the first day, too!

In the beginning...

Blogging is an alien concept to me. Will people read what I have to say? Will they care?

This is the first entry in what will chart my self-discovery journey. I'm in my early 30s and just now finding myself. So let there be light.