Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meet WrathofRa- an Undiscovered (Yet Totally Awesome) Shop!

I really love giving a shout out and a leg up to new shops. It's so hard to start out and to get noticed.
So we're here to say, "Hey, we notice you!"

I recently caught up with Mark from WrathofRa and asked him some questions.
Actually, that's a lie. He asked himself the questions and then answered himself. I just took notes! Get ready to be blown away by sheer awesomeness!

Tell us about YOU, the person behind the shop:
I am a writer and editor for a publishing firm in Asia. I'm Canadian but have lived all over the globe (India, Singapore, Italy, Korea, US, Canada). I am incredibly tall and handsome (one of those things is a lie) and I just got married to my husband last December. Uh, I have a dog named Louis. That is all.

What do you make?
Egyptian-style art on a variety of recycled, wood, or stone materials.

Where do you get ideas?
Advertisements, ancient art, travel. Pretty much anything will give me an idea.

When and how did you get started?
I've always drawn or painted. I am self-taught. I heard the story of baby Moses at church one week and saw some pictures of the Egyptian princess at the Nile ... and that was it. For some reason, I was hooked on the Egyptian theme from that point forward!

To check out more of this amazing artwork, stop by Mark's Etsy shop! Give it a heart, spread some love, and tell 'em Waterwaif sent you!

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