Tuesday, August 2, 2011

i'm having a really hard day today

i dropped the gimp off this morning and that was hard. i was in tears and still am, off and on. i know he'll be fine but he's wormed his way into my heart in such a short time and it was so hard leaving him there. they should call me in a couple hours and hopefully he can come home tonight.

i've been home for a few hours just waiting to hear something from the vet. i'm too distracted to do anything productive, which sucks, cause i have a LOT to do.

so i figured i'd double check my paypal account and make sure i have enough in there to pay for his surgery.
what do i find when i log in? unauthorized charges on my PP credit card to the tune of hundreds and hundreds of dollars.



Mishkat said...

I hate leaving my cats at the vet for minor surgery so can only imagine how you must feel. I'm sending lots of good thoughts, and my cats are sending many purrs.

And I'm REALLY sorry to hear about your credit card - there's never a good time for that but this seems especially mistimed! That happened to both me and my sister with another credit card company last year and they were really good about taking care of it ASAP - hope PayPal does the same.

rengawk said...

GAH, so sorry to hear about the PayPal fail! I hope it gets straightened out right away for you.

Huge and love to Gimpy and you all!

Mary said...

OH no!!! Call Paypal right away. They will do an investigation for you. I had fraud on my account once too. :( My prayers are with Gimpy!! Love, Mary (and Buddy, Roxie & Phoebes)

headchange said...

Bless you better days have to be around the corner

PussDaddy said...

If I said it once I said it a hundred times those Paypal credit cards are nothing except a diasaster waiting to happen. I am sorry it happened and sorry Gimpy had to lose his leg.


PussDaddy said...

Was paypal able to help you get your money back? A lot of times this happens when people buy gas and use their card. Something about not hitting clear when they are done and then the number stays for people to write down, or something like that.