Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cancer Sucks, Huge Sale for a Good Cause

Hey everybody,

my best friend's husband Jimmy (our brother-in-law, by the way) has just been diagnosed with stage 3 oral squamous cell cancer. He is their breadwinner and sadly, they are uninsured. We all know that positive thinking is one of the best things you can do to fight cancer, so I'm trying to help them raise some funds so they will worry less and he can focus on fighting it.

I am having a HUGE sale on ALL the jewelry in my shop. Every dime raised will go directly to help Jimmy and his battle.

Use coupon code GIMMEHALF and take 50% off anything and everything. All of my jewelry!


catluver96 said...

Best of luck to Jimmy. He can make it through this! I was diagnosed with the same cancer last June, and am doing well today.

waterwaif said...

that's awesome, vicki!!