Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Places to Sell Your Art & Creations Online

1. 1000 Markets - US sellers only at the moment. Opening a shop is free. No fees for listing, either. 1000 Markets takes 5.5% of the sale price, including shipping, plus a $.50 fee. They use Amazon Payments.

2. ArtBaay - An online arts and crafts marketplace. No listing fees or monthly fees. ArtBaay takes a 15% commission of the sale price.

3. Artfire - Basic membership is free. No listing or selling fees with a basic membership. Pro membership is $15.95 a month or $36 quarterly and you are allowed unlisted listings with no additional fees.

4. ArtisansMarket - A marketplace for artisans and craftsmen. Membership is $10 a month and 10% of sales.

5. Blujay - 100% free to buy or sell. You can list unlimited items and listings stay up for 6 months.

6. Bonanzle - Opening your store and listing is free. You only pay a fee if it sells. Fee scale is here.

7. Craft Is Art - An online marketplace to buy and sell handmade. Stores are free and there are no listing fees. 3.5% sales commission is charged.

8. DaWanda - A European marketplace for handmade goods. Listing is currently free and selling fees are 5% of sold items. They plan on instituting listing fees at a later date.

9. eCrater - Completely free to list, sell, and own a store.

10. Etsy - An online marketplace for handmade goods, vintage, and supplies. Listing fees are $.20 for 4 months and selling fees are 3.5% of the selling price.

11. Folksy - A UK-based marketplace for artists and designers. Items are listed for 6 months and sold items are charged a 5% commission.

12. Funky Finds - Offers several options for shops from $1.99 a month to $7.99 a month. No sales fees, only the monthly fee.

13. Handmade Catalog - A marketplace for crafters. Three options for opening a store: basic ( $4.95/mo + 15% commission), standard ($7.95/mo + 10% commission), and professional ($12.95/mo + 5% commission). 

14. iCraft - A Canadian marketplace for handmade items. One-time fee at registration ($25 CAD) and other fees can be seen here.

15. MadeItMyself - An online marketplace for handmade items. While it is in beta testing, listing and selling is completely free.

16. RubyLane - A community of individually owned shops. Each shop falls into one of these categories: antiques, vintage clothing & accessories, dolls, fine art, glass, antique & vintage jewelry, artisan jewelry, porcelain, postcards, pottery and silver. Set-up fee is $75. Listing fee is $.30 and after that, you pay maintenance fees. Fee structure is here.

17. Shop Handmade -  Advertiser sponsored and dedicated to handmade. Free store and free listings with sponsorship. 

18. Shopit - Completely free to buy, sell, list, or trade.

19. Silkfair - Opening a seller account, store, and listing are free. 3% commission of sale price. You can import your eBay rating to SIlkfair.

20. Trendy Indie - A new marketplace for handmade creations. No set-up fees or sale commissions. Only a monthly subscription:  $5 for listing 25 items, $10 for listing 100 items or $20 per month for unlimited number of items.

21. uShops - Currently free to open a shop, list items, and sell items. There are plans to institute fees in the future but with warning.

22. Zibbet -  Handmade, art, vintage, and supplies. Basic account is free for up to 25 items and a Premium account is $9 a month for unlimited items, and I hear there are a limited number of Premium accounts left.


hannah said...

Wow, what an awesome post! I have seriously been thinking about trying to sell my jewelry and papercraft items online. Thanks for the guidance!

Hazel said...

I love this post so much I am bookmarking it for future reference!! :) Hazel

Mermaid's Palette said...

Great information- thank you!

Kirameku said...

Thank you for sharing ! :D

NoKitschProject said...

I always thought that the real winners (money-wise) of Etsy are Etsy employees (board, directors, whatever the structure is).
Looks like others think so too and want a cut of this cake :)

Some look like worth checking out, thanks for the convenient list