Monday, June 28, 2010

Help the Gulf Coast! Here's How You Can Help!

Help the Gulf Coast!

Have you heard about this? There is a store on Etsy and its entire purpose is to raise money to help the Gulf Coast recover from the oil spill disaster. Oil has been spilling, no, gushing into the Gulf of Mexico for TWO MONTHS now and there is no end in sight. 

A lot of us would love to be able to help but don't live near the crisis area. Well, here's a wonderful way that you can help! You can either donate an item to the Help the Gulf Coast store or you can purchase something from it. 100% off all proceeds are donated to OxFam America and the National Wildlife Federation. Both organizations have given them permission to fundraise on their behalf. To date, over $5000 has been donated from the sales!

For a full list of etsy sellers who are participating, please view the profile here:

If you're interested in donating an item for this shop, please check out the donation guidelines in the shop policies!
And then use this link to donate an item:

Their Facebook page:
Their blog -
Their twitter -

All items bought from the Help the Gulf Coast store have FREE SHIPPING in the US. 

Here are some of the awesome items available for purchase from this shop. Remember, 100% of ALL proceeds go directly to charity.

8x8 photo by annajulia

Original koi painting by earthart

Under the Sea pendant by mochahete

Ocean Air photo series by Rachael Scott

Sea turtle photo by zahnerphoto

Photo by honeytree

Mermaid cherry quartz necklace by me

Sea glass by 808sunshine 

Spring Bucket hat by tolduso

Beach in a bottle by usagikisses


T @ Poppy Place said...

Isn't it a wonderful shop :) T.

Hazel said...

What a great idea! I'm going to head over right now and check it out! :) Hazel

Hazel said...

PS Absolutely ADORE the jewelry that has been donated, and some of the prints are really great!! :) Hazel