Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Feature: Meet EmelePhotography

I recently caught up with Emily from EmelePhotography and asked her a few questions. I couldn't wait to introduce her to all of you! 

Stop by and check out her links and meet her. Make sure you tell her waterwaif sent you!


waterwaif: First off, tell me a little bit about yourself. (Just a brief biography)
Emily: Hi! I'm Emily, I'm 25 and a creative girl who has always worked for herself.

I started off making greeting cards and gifts, selling them at craft fairs and later through my own website. With my own website I got dragged into the world of SEO (search engine optimization) and HTML which progressed into me doing a spot of freelance web-site design. But for the last few years my heart has been in photography and I'm now giving it my all!

I'm English but moved to the Greek island of Crete when I was 18 with my family where I stayed for 5-6 years until I met a boy back home and decided that the long-distance relationship couldn't remain long distance forever and so moved back to the UK. I now spend my summers in England and part of the Winters in Greece so I kind of have the best of both worlds!

ww: How and when did you start your craft?
Emily: I can't say I had a love of photography from a young age as that's just not true - My camera would come out a few times a year for Christmas and Vacations where I would take the basic snapshots that we all have! But in 2004 I bought my first digital camera - Purely for taking product photos of my handmade cards and gifts. Well, somewhere along the line (or year!) I fell into photography realizing I liked this, could do it - and make money from it!

ww: How did you originally find Etsy? Have you or do you sell anywhere else?
Emily: I found Etsy back in 2005 when I set up a store selling my handmade cards and gifts, but for various reasons never really commited to Etsy so it was a bit of an on-off relationship! This year, 2010, I jumped back onto the Etsy bandwagon with Emele Photography.

I also sell my prints at Folksy the UK version of Etsy -

and at Zazzle where you can find my photography available to buy as keychains, magnets, mousepads and so much more!

I also sell my photography as stock through shutterstock -

ww: What inspires you the most?
Emily: Nature. The Outdoors. Scenes and Views that "speak to me".

ww: Do you have a personal hero and if yes, who is it and why?
Emily: I do! My hero at the moment would be the owner of Dots and Spots, Becky Peabody. Becky is going places with a successful trade show under her belt, agents, soon-to-be premises outside of her home plus lots of orders! I aspire to be the photographer version of her and her business!

ww: What is your favorite piece you’ve created and why?
Emily: I have lots of favorites! Right now I would have to say it is my Tuscany print. I saw this scene and instantly knew I had to capture a little glimpse into travel and the mediterranean but on a gloomy day with specks of rain starting to fall I wasn't sure how it would turn out.

ww: Do you have any new creations or debuting designs in the works? What can my readers expect to see from you soon?
Emily: I'm currently beavering away designing 2011 calendars for my Zazzle site.

Next on my To Do List is "Inchies" - I'm thinking of putting together several collection of photographs in a 1x1inch size for jewelry designer to use in their scrabble tile pendant creations.

I would also really like to work on more collage prints similar to the Beaches Print I have and to introduce greeting cards to my Etsy store.

Really, I have so much I want to do that my To Do List and Aha moments are never ending!

ww: What's your personal motto?
Emily: I don't really have one but would say to others - Dream Big and Just Do It! Life's too short to be scared and think "one day" so just jump straight in and see where you land!

ww: Where else can my readers find you? i.e. blog, twitter, facebook fan page?

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