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Welcome Wednesday: KiriMothDesigns

Welcome Wednesday is a new feature around here. It means I'll be introducing you to artists and artisans and welcoming them here. The handmade community is amazing and this is my way of paying a little back, by showing you guys some awesomeness.

Meet Kiri Moth of KiriMothDesigns. Kiri is an artist who does art nouveau illustrations and currently works mainly in ink and digital color. She can do prints, postcards, invitations, graphics, and so much more! 

For example, look at this amazing steampunk octopus that she drew.

Mechanical Octopus - Steampunk 8x10 Art Print $9.99

She then turned it into a necklace!

Intrigued? I was, too! I recently talked to KiriMoth (on the Etsy forums, no less) and she answered some interview questions for me.

waterwaif: First off, tell me a little bit about yourself.
KiriMoth: My name is Kiri Moth, and I live in San Francisco with one cat and big mess of art supplies. I majored in graphic design and illustration in college, but I'm working childcare while I'm trying to get my own art business off the ground.

ww: How and when did you start your craft?

km: I've been drawing since I was very young, and I feel as if I've always known I've wanted a career in art. I fell in love with book cover illustration as a teenager, and that would be my ultimate dream job, but I'm happy doing anything related to art. I draw all the time, and I'm delighted that people want to purchase my artwork.

ww: How did you originally find Etsy? Have you or do you sell anywhere else?

km: I don't remember how I found Etsy, because I originally joined in 2007. I just came back this June after a long, long hiatus. Melissa Lewis of Haut Totes found my artwork andwas interested in licensing some pieces for her wonderful zippered bags that she sells on Etsy. Working with her got me excited about Etsy again, and I wanted to come back and revive my own shop.

ww: What inspires you the most?

km: Nature inspires me. The colors and shapes in nature are limitless, and there is always something new to see. I love to draw plants and flowers and birds and animals - and often people interacting with them. I'm very influenced by Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles, and there's almost always a touch of that in my artwork.

ww: Do you have a personal hero and if yes, who is it and why?

km: I don't have a personal hero - yet. There are a lot of artists I admire, but I don't like putting people on a pedestal, because if you do I feel it can be harder to forgive them if they fall. I have more respect for people who try, fail, and try again, and aren't ashamed of not being perfect. 
(ww: I totally agree. Things that are perfect are boring. It's the imperfection that makes us, and art, and the world, interesting)

ww: What is your favorite piece you’ve created and why?

km: I think it'd have to be an illustration I titled "Rebuilding", depicting a young woman who is either building or repairing (I leave the interpretation to the viewing) a mechanical lioness. The initial inspiration for the piece was the Strength card from the tarot, which usually depicts a woman subduing a lion. I put my own twist on it - in my version she's creating or restoring the lion. I like to look at the piece when I'm feeling overwhelmed by life, it's a reminder that I can overcome obstacles and I can create my own strength. And when things seem be broken, I can simply rebuild.

ww: Do you have any new creations or debuting designs in the works? What can my readers expect to see from you soon?

 km: I've just launched the first piece in my art jewelry line, and I plan to have more selections available soon! I'm also working on an edition of hand-painted linocut prints. I'm always creating, and while many things are planned carefully, some of my works are surprises even to me - I never know where inspiration will come from!

ww: What's your personal motto?

km: I don't really have a motto, per se, but if you were to describe my outlook with a phrase, it'd be "non-stop". My goals might be distant, but I keep working towards them, and once I reach them I'll just find new goals to strive for.

ww: Where else can my readers find you? i.e. blog, twitter, facebook fan page?

km: My personal blog is at, I'm on twitter as kirimothdesigns, and I have Facebook page at
(ww: Make sure you tell her waterwaif sent you when you stop by!)

ww: Are you offering any exclusive discounts or specials for readers of this interview?

km: Readers of this interview can receive a 15% discount OR a free 8.5x11 print of Rebuilding with any purchase! (Yes, this offer can be combined with any monthly specials I happen to be running)
(ww: Readers, make sure you mention "waterwaif" in the note to seller to take advantage of this generous offer.)

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