Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm On a Ghost Story Kick Lately

I go through phases. Sometimes I'll read a whole bunch of historical books in a row, sometimes a bunch of mountain climbing, sometimes a bunch of literary fiction, and sometimes a bunch of horror.

I'm in the middle of a horror kick right now, specifically ghost stories.
I just finished reading The Haunted by Michaelbrent Collings.

From Amazon's website:

Product Description

They have the beginnings of a perfect family. 
A husband, a wife, a baby on the way. 
But something will stop them from being happy as they move into their new house:
the power of the undead that roam the halls of their home. 
The demons that have come to claim them. 
The darkness that seeks to destroy them.
The haunted.

As far as cheap horror books go, this one was a fun read. I could see the "twist" coming a mile away but there weren't any glaring errors that turn me off from so much cheap fiction and the characters were likeable enough. If I'd paid $10 to read it, I might have been disappointed but I only paid $.99 and it was worth the buck.

I've read better stuff from the author but all in all, this wasn't bad. I've read a lot of really, really shitty cheap and free fiction on my kindle so I can't complain about this one!

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catluver96 said...

Hi there,
Thanks for sharing about the ghost story book. I've been wanting to use my Kindle more and appreciate the tips.