Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An Unnecessary Trip to the ER?

Grr, I'm so annoyed.

My daughter was on spring break last week (she's 13). She came home on Friday complaining of a sore throat and a slight fever. She stayed home over the weekend, took some Motrin, and we planned to go to the walk-in clinic on Monday. I, having been a mother for 18 years now, assumed it was strep throat.

Now, keep in mind that we don't have medical insurance. There is a walk-in clinic not too far from us that is only $40 a visit. The doctor there is a good guy and doesn't take insurance at all. He is an older guy and super knowledgeable and friendly and he knows that most of patients are broke. So it's all good.

Except when it's not. I brought my daughter there on Monday. Her throat was very, very sore and her tonsils were swollen. (I had no idea that tonsils were lymph nodes, did you?) She said it hurt to talk. We didn't even get in to see the doctor on Monday. The receptionist sent us to the hospital, directly to the ER. She got an attitude with me and told me that the walk-in clinic was "the absolute wrong place" for my daughter because "Look at her, she can barely talk. She's having an allergic reaction to something".

How much is a trip to the ER? I have no idea yet but I'll let you know as soon as I get the bill. Ugh.

Oh, and did I tell you? It WAS strep, after all. So I have to pay for a freakin' ER visit just to get an antibiotics scrip.

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Shruti Bhiwandiwala said...

I totally understand. The same thing happened to me a couple of months ago. But mine was an allergic reaction to (believe it or not) a tablet I was taking for a skin allergy. Just stick to your regular round of medicines, rounds of steam and hot water+honey. Another remedy to soothe the pain is hot water+lemon juice+scraped ginger+pepper+a small pinch of turmeric. My mum made me drink the mixture a few times a day. Works like magic. Hope your daughter gets well soon!