Monday, July 4, 2011

Fresh and Undiscovered: 4 Ewe Designs

4 Ewe Designs is Rachel, a talented artist living in my sister city- she's in Melbourne, Australia and I'm in Melbourne, USA! She does some selling in a local gallery so if any of you lovely readers are in Melbourne (the Australian one) go check out the Fitzroy InCube8r store!

In the meantime, here are some juicy tidbits about Racel and 4 Ewe Designs!

 1. Who are you?
An American girl living in Australia.I am Rachel Buse, and my Etsy shop is 4 Ewe Designs. It is kind of a dream to be here in the land of cute and unusual animals. I refuse to grow up, even if I have some gray hairs. I love Hello Kitty, and all animals and cute things.  I live with my husband, two rabbits, and a cat. I am addicted to coffee.

2. What do you do?
I am a ceramic sculptor by day. I create "Living Vessels", teapots and pitcher and jugs that look alive. I am just starting doing that professionally though, we will see how it goes.
In my free time and at night I sew. I am fidgety, so I always need to be doing something. I sew cute things out of recycled wool sweater felt. Soft toys are my obsession right now, but I also make flower pins, jewelry, and bags. I will make the occasional hat or scarf, but I don't find them as needed here in Aussieland. It is a bit warmer here than my previous home of  Michigan. I am working hard to make a living from my art.

3. How did you get started? 
My dad was a photographer, and an engineer and painted too. He really encouraged my brother and I to be creative. He made a lot of the toys we played with as kids. I just grew up with the mind set of " if you want it, make it yourself". So I have been making things like jewelry and paintings and clothes for Barbie's or for myself for Halloween my whole life. As a result both my brother and I are artists.

4. Where else can we find you online?

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