Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Feature: Meet 42Things!

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Today I'd like to introduce you to Jo from 42Things!

Where did you get the idea to use recycled items to create your designs? 
       I've just always had a sense of things being wasted and wanting to save them.

What has been your favorite find that you've used in your creations? 
Wrapping paper, people use it, and save it or throw it away not knowing what to do with it... but the patterns and colours are so amazing!

Where do you get your inspiration? 
... many places, my kids my husband, the items that need rescuing.

Tell me a little bit about your creative process... 
Well, I don't think I'm that creative, but the ideas just come to me as long as I'm open to creating. Each thing wants to be used... wants to be made into pretty stuff, fun stuff.

Can we find you anywhere else? 
Facebook fan page

Artfire Shop



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