Saturday, July 23, 2011

Little Gimpy- Day 3

Thursday night had us at the emergency vet where they removed the rope (thank god), cleaned the wound, and bandaged him.

Friday morning had us at the normal vet for a check-up, bandage changing, and test to see if we will have to amputate. His prognosis for keeping the leg is poor, less than 50% chance. I have a whole list of steps and medications and I have to do water therapy on the wound with a water pik twice a day for the next 7 days until his checkup, and possibly for another month after that. They say if anything can save his leg it's the water treatment. So I AM hopeful and won't give up!

Cross your fingers for the little Gimp-ster that he can keep his leg!
Also, the vet bills are piling up. I'm running a Christmas in July sale in my shop and all jewelry sales will go towards Gimpy's vet bills and his care. If you can help in any way, it will be a lifesaver. Literally.

I will update more later but for now, Gimpy says good morning from my husband's big, comfy chair!!


Deb said...

I really hope he gets to keep his leg, you are so wonderful for looking after him. He's gorgeous. :)

Michelle Jadaa said...

You are doing a wonderful thing!My 3 furbabies say Hi :)

Jenn said...

You are amazing for helping little Gimpy out! I'll keep you guys in my prayers and send you happy thoughts.
Give Gimpy some cuddles for me please? :)

Denise H said...

I just made a purchase from you :o)
So are you going to keep the name Gimpy?

Ant said...

Good luck to the little kitty!

Sweet Harvey LLC said...

My heart goes out to the both of you - I so hope he is able to keep his leg.

My aunt has a yorkie named Tripod who only has three legs. He is adorable and gets around very well but any disability is difficult.

That is so wonderful what you are doing for him!

waterwaif said...

yes, he's stuck with the name Gimpy! He seems to like it.