Friday, July 22, 2011

Meet Gimpy: The Tortured Stray Cat I Have Adopted

a small cat showed up here a few days ago. one of the neighbors left him behind when they moved out. as if that's not bad enough, someone tied a fucking rope to his hind leg and it's so swollen and raw. my husband and i tried to cut it off yesterday but it was so swollen we couldn't, and the poor cat bit me while we were trying. so i had to take him to the vet last night.

he's so obviously someone's abandoned pet and not feral because he's so starved for human affection that he just meows at us constantly and when we go outside to feed him he limps over and rubs all over us. he's adopted us, the poor, sweet little guy.

but i have NO money for the vet, so i'm scrambling. if you see something you want in my shop, it will go towards the vet bill and will make Gimpy very happy. I have added the Donate button to the right side bar titled The Gimpy Fund.

here's Gimpy. you can see the rope tied around his hind leg.

Here is Gimpy after the emergency night-time vet removed the rope and bandaged him up:

He's the sweetest little guy and I am so heartbroken that someone would do this to a poor, defenseless creature!


Vintage Precious said...

Tara, You are so sweet you rescued him! He looks happy now, I'm sure he'll pay you back in love & cat rubs for rescuing him! :)

jayedee said...

God bless you for your kindness...right now, i'm so mad at whoever did this that i could just spit nails.
prayers for a complete healing for this precious kitty's leg!!

jc said...

Why would people do such horrific things is beyond me! Our prayers go out to poor Gimpy for a full recovery.

Sweet Harvey LLC said...

What is wrong with people - I just cant figure it out.

He is so lucky to have found you. Poor little guy ;-)

BlueCitrusArt said...

I want to cry :*(...God bless you, lady for helping this poor kitty.
I made a small donation , I so hope you can scrape enough money for the vet, and hope you can keep him.
Big hugs, and keep us posted.