Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gimpy: Days 3 & 4

The antibiotics are bothering his poor little tummy but he's using his own personal litter box now (thank god!). Cleaning up diarrhea at 5 am isn't fun, in case you were wondering.

My other cats seem to have adjusted to having the Gimp in the house and all I can say is wow, that was fast. Weezy, the 12 year old cat, is pretty indifferent to everything but I was worried about Pretty Boy, my fluffy white male cat who is actually a small bear. He's 15 pounds of male feline-ness and I thought for sure he'd have something to prove or possibly that he'd be offended that I brought another boy into the house (an unfixed one at the moment, too!) but all he seems to want to do is sniff Gimpy's butt on his way into another room. Sniffing butts = success in my book.

The dog (who we also rescued from certain death last year) is convinced that the new cat is going to be her newest playmate. I kinda hope so since the other two cats think the dog is an idiot and stick their noses up at her. (I think the dog is an idiot, too, but don't tell her!)

Gimphy's water treatments are still going pretty well, though it's hard work. Think cats and water and you get the idea. Add in an awful wound and you'll have a better idea. But the Gimp's so sweet and loving that he only needs one person to hold him during the treatments, as long as that person is petting him.

Thank you so, so much to all of you who have helped by donating or by keeping him in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers, or by helping to spread the word. It means the world to me, truly, and I am SO overwhelmed with your kindness and generosity. As I told one donor this morning, it's people like all of you who make it possible for my heart to be this big. And also for me to buy more first aid supplies today and to schedule his check-up on Friday.

Here's the Gimp today, lounging in the windowsill and almost asleep.


MoonRae said...

You are truly a treasure....bless you and yours sweetie,this cannot be easy. I will try to make a donation later(get paid in a couple days)
Thank you for being so passionate and kind

Vintage Precious said...

He's living the good life now! I used to give baths to my cat when he was a kitten, he lives out doors for the most part, but likes water, LOL. He takes walks in the rain, it doesn't phase him. ;)