Thursday, March 18, 2010

If I Could Do One Thing...

It might be to be a fantastic photographer. I've only ever attempted to take pictures of my things to sell on Etsy or my children, who I'm not allowed to sell on Etsy. So I guess technically I don't know if I could be a photographer or not, but when I browse fine art and photography, I realize I never could. Some of the talent just blows me away. Here are a few of my favorite photos from my favorite photo sellers:

By Filigreephotos. This is called Soft Red. 8.4x11.7 inches and available in other sizes.

October Curtain Call by bomobob. 11x14 metallic fine art photo and available in other sizes.

The Pirates' Cove by elgarbo. 4x6 in. and available in other sizes.

Flight by thisyearsgirl. 5x5 in matte print. Available in other sizes.

Snow Berries by bluedreamsunshine. 8x10 winter in Vermont print and available in other sizes.

These are just a few of my favorites. Everything I've seen by these 5 artists has been amazing and awe-inspiring. Visit their shops. Tell them waterwaif sent you.


mywifesstudio said...

Thanks for showing us these gorgeous photos, I'm off to check out their shops.

waterwaif said...

Everything each of these photographers does is spectacular. I am continuously in awe.

I hope you found something you like! Or at least something that will inspire you!

Melissa said...

thank you very much! :)