Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tempt Me Tuesday!

Time for me to dig into my favorites list and my wish list and see what I can tempt you guys with!

The Dawn of Time by elgarbo

Goddess Hands with Hydrangea by Photogenic Gallery

Turquoise noodle bowl by Oneclaybead

Rustic Green Man by RiverOtterRustic

All of these listed above can be found on Etsy, one of my favorite websites in the world. Etsy is FULL of artists and artisans and people who have taken the pledge to buy handmade. The detail and the dedication you find there is awe-inspiring and once you've discovered it and bought something, you will never be satisfied with mass-produced Wal-Mart crap again.


DeanDesigns said...

A beautiful collection!!! They are all very "tempting"!!!

JudysDesigns said...

Gorgeous selection...tempted also.

Michele said...

SO beautiful!!
HANDMADE will take over the WORLD!!
~Michele from By Your Side

Grabbed your button!!

patk860 said...

wow... thanks for giving me a shout out! i checked each of these shops & they are pretty awesome. i love discovering new finds & favs. i never heard of the boosting etsy shops team & i'll surely come back & visit your blog. thanks again!

WolfeWoman said...

Very tempting choices, and i am happy to have my bowl as one of them! thank you.