Thursday, March 18, 2010

What I'm Reading

I've recently discovered a new author. Well, the author is not new but he is new to me.
Peter Abrahams. In the two weeks or so since I've discovered him, I've found and read quite a few of his books. He's my new favorite thriller writer and that should mean something when I say it because man, I'm a super picky reader. (and movie watcher but that's another blog for another day)

Here I've linked to Oblivion, which I probably enjoyed the most. Okay, well tied for first place, then. The main character is a super smart PI who, because of brain trauma, suffers from some amnesia. We, as the readers, can see what is happening and feel an awful sense of foreboding as we watch and wait for the protagonist to figure out what's going on. Very tense and thrilling. I loved it.

Also tied for first place is Lights Out. The protagonist here is just getting out of prison after 15 years served for a crime he didn't commit. He went in innocent and came out dangerous. But still, he's a very, very likeable character who has to follow a trail back to the beginning to puzzle out his story. The story is immensely suspenseful and the conclusion is shocking but cool. The author moves back and forth seamlessly between past and present as Eddie moves closer and closer to the conclusion.

Peter Abrahams has been named our best thriller writer by Stephen King, which has got to be a hell of a better recommendation than any little blog I could write!

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