Friday, March 12, 2010

What I'm Listening to Lately

Amos Lee. In fact, we have tickets to see him at The Social in Orlando on April 2. Woot!

Iron and Wine. Probably my favorite. Everything Sam Beam does is so simple and beautifully haunting.

Ray LaMontagne. Another beautifully haunting songwriter.

Jason Mraz. Still a favorite, always a favorite.

So what are you listening to?


Heather said...

Love it! Love all those artists, including Iron & Wine but not quite as familiar with that music, I need a refresher course :)
Listening to Jackopierce, David Gray, The Weepies and Missy Higgins these days.

Jennifer Dickerson said...

I'm listening to Kings of Leon, The Doves, Stereophonics, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. In fact...I'm ALWAYS listening to them. Love your choices too.

Pixelix Design Services said...

LOL- we have the same taste in music! Well, I listen to a little of everything. David Gray is my favorite though- 4th row tickets to see him exactly a week from today. :)

waterwaif said...

Yesterday on Twitter I spent more time talking to one of my followers and discovered that she is a singer/songwriter, which led me to iTunes where I found a couple of her songs and bought them! I will do a blog post about her later this weekend but her name on twitter is: @in4d and her band website is Check them out when you have a second!